Sunday, October 01, 2006

Sunday, happy Sunday

Maggie says:
Today is absolutely bursting with all kinds of goodness. Slow Sunday goodness, wagon-full-of-puppies goodness. These days are many things: there is feeling amazingly alive, there is smiling just because, there is glorious sun outside, there is fun art to check out, and there are politics, good-news politics!

It's about damn time, isn't it?

The Journal poll that has everyone all abuzz tells us that Wilson and Madrid are in a dead heat at 44%, with just over a month left to go. Our never-eager-to-give-progressives-any-hope Journal reluctantly admits: "Madrid's holding on— and Wilson's not gaining. That's good for a challenger in an environment where incumbents, and incumbent Republicans, are at risk," according to UNM political science professor Lonna Atkeson.

Getting to a tie hasn't been easy. Horrible prices have been paid for voters to reach their limits with the Republican war machine and its cycle of lies, corruption, and moral decay. This race represents a lot of hard work locally, a lot of money from a lot of folks, and a lot of voter frustration with the horrendous direction our country has been taken. On the ground in Albuquerque, in Montana farmtowns, in the political weathervane state of Ohio, in the hills of Tennessee... folks are calling out for change. It's there for the taking, if we can just sprint hard enough to grab hold of it.

Speaking of sprinting, there are a lot of tired Madrid campaign staffers sleepwalking around town these days. They're working hard for us, so let's try and help them out when we can:

Get a sign. I love the parts of town right now blanketed in those black, white, and red signs. Is your front yard feeling lonely?

Donate. It's too nice outside to buy a new coat anyway.

Drink. That's right, I said drink. I'll be in Boston next week for (yet another) wedding, but if I were in town, there's only one place I'd be on Thursday night: the Young Professionals for Patricia Madrid gathering at St. Clair. So go in my absence, raise a glass to... goodness, and make sure to take a friend with you, too.

And wait! There's more!

There's also national goodness in the air. Three important Senate races are also trending Democratic: Harold Ford is now running even or ahead, depending on the poll, in Tennessee; Sherrod Brown has tied up in Ohio; and Jon Tester is now ahead by seven percentage points in Montana!

What's all that squabbling I hear? Oh, right: it's all the chickens coming home to roost. Here, there, everywhere.

Bring on November.