Monday, October 23, 2006

Weekend Perspective

Maggie says:
This weekend I had lots of great examples of perspective. Here we go:

  • I thought I was fairly relaxed... until I spent three hours in various states of zendom in Betty's soaking tubs, sauna, and lounge chairs in the October sunshine. Yeah, I had no idea about relaxation before that.
  • I thought I had a good idea of what decadence tasted like... until I sank my teeth into a rasberry and white chocolate scone at Gold Street Cafe. On a beautiful morning with my high school best friend beside me at an outdoor table watching tough-guy dads take their daughters to flamenco dance practice next door, it was pretty much perfect.
  • I thought I had lots of girl power... until I saw the ladies of Burlesque Noir in action at the Launchpad for the Boolesque Spooktacular show. Damn! Loved watching them do their thing... I was hoarse from cheering the next morning. Here's the difference between strip clubs and burlesque: women usually feel terrible about themselves if they're in a strip club, but you can't help but feel damn great about yourself watching burlesque. Love it!
  • I thought I was pretty nerdy... until I read about Fantasy Congress. I've got nothing to worry about anymore, that's all I'm saying...