Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Caring about labor

Maggie says:
Still slammed with work today, but during lunch I saw this tidbit that's worth a link.

My hometown best friend and I were discussing Wal-Mart when I was at home several weeks ago, and she brought up the point that in the Southeast, folks tend to be very disconnected from unions given how weak the South's labor history has been. Therefore, talking points about labor don't really come naturally to progressives at home. North Carolina isn't exactly Detroit, after all.

Today, David Sirota (full disclosure: 2/3 of M3 has a major crush on him) writes about this and more in Why You Should Care About the Labor Movement.

Big Business, the Republican Party and the corporate media all want you to believe that America's labor movement is only important to the 13 percent of workers who are actually in unions. It is a ploy to try to make you not care when they bash unions and limit union rights. The problem is, it is a lie - unions matter to everybody, whether you are in a union or not. Here's why.
So Heather, this one's for you. On a sidenote, it just started raining and storming here in ABQ. I love New Mexico moments right before the storm. The air smells incredible right now.