Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Life's many mysteries

Maggie says:
So as I'm passing the time until Demetria begins, I'm contemplating the latest mysteries life has presented me with. Here are three:

  • Why on earth would the Albuquerque Journal actually choose to print the all-time worst photo ever taken of Marjorie, Mikaela and I in their newspaper rather than one of the decent ones we were shown? If you missed the article on local blogs, here it is (skip to page 2). It's no accident that I have not linked to the horrendous photo - I'm still trying to laugh it off. Just laughlaughlaugh at how terribleterribleterrible it is.
  • After a recent M3/Louie viewing of Fast Times at Ridgemont High (really, this movie must be watched once every ten years), I'm wondering if I should be embarrassed that my new favorite character is Mr. Hand. The question: is my new attachment to Mr. Hand rather than the cool, young characters a sign that I'm getting older, getting dorkier, or just developing a strange affection for sarcastic and self-important history teachers?
  • How in the world did Altoids create something as magically, wonderfully irresistible as Ginger Altoids? These things are so damn good. I CANNOT stop eating them.