Friday, July 08, 2005

Tribute to Grantwriters...

Mikaela shares:
This beautiful poem was written by the Acoma poet Simon Ortiz, who should be better known.


for Mrs. Aguilar, James, and my son
at a civilrights fundraising function
in 1969

You and your crooked leg, James.
You and your hunger, Mrs. Aguilar.
They are getting bored with your misfortunes.

My son is too young to talk
about what his bones need or how much his
belly might be hurting,
but I am thinking they will be bored
with him too.

“How much gas do you need for a tractor?
For three tractors?” they ask.
“How much would it cost our foundation?”

I wait for them to ask,
“How many dreams have you spent lately?
How many hopes?”

We are not hungry for promises of money
nor for anyone to write us
carefully written proposals.
We are hungry for the good earth,
the deserts and mountains growing corn.
We are hungry for the conviction
that you are our brothers and sisters
who are willing to share our love
and compassionate fingers in your hands.

The grass of this expensive lawn
and the drinks make me feel
a stranger and my acute hunger.
My son smiles while someone says,
“I am not politic; I am talking with you.”

Mrs. Aguilar with your orange dress
and plastic flowers, I am asking blessings
for you with prayers for corn and potatoes,
the growing things for your land,
and my son is hoping with is smile
not to be hungry tomorrow.

James, you 1950’s pachuco,
you are aching in my throat.
You are the many Indians, the anarchist
rising out of the wine slop, angry,
the ones killing false promises,
fighting cops—we are also seeking
blessings for you, for us, for our children
in this war.