Thursday, July 07, 2005

Thanks, Marston

Maggie says:
The Duke City Fix's Marston Moore complimented m-pyre today in his post on "Poli-Blogs."

The M-Pyre team - Majorie, Maggie, and Mikaela – produce intelligent and cogent posts day in and day out. The breadth of their interests and the passion of their commitment keeps the blog reader coming back for more.
Well Marston, we can only return the compliment. Marston has more than proved himself covering local politics for the Fix, and proves to make the upcoming mayoral election a hotbed of gossip and intrigue.

This also illustrates why m-pyrical is a good idea. I mean, we couldn't exactly keep up our Poli-Blog credibility writing about bad first dates and celebrity gossip, could we? Didn't think so.

Thanks, Marston. You're making local politics more interesting by the day.