Saturday, July 02, 2005

Quizzes for everyone

Maggie says:
In an effort to overcome my work-related writer's block as I try to shut out the happy visions of the family beach vacation I wish I never left, I found these two online quizzes. After taking them, I don't think my writer's block is fixed, but at least I am more self-aware now than before (although still wishing New Mexico had an ocean). Here's to wasting some of your time, too:

Political Compass quiz
This quiz is really interesting. A little long but not as mundane as many others I've seen. Interested in how you rank on the economic and social scale with various world leaders and notorious dictators? Then this is the quiz for you.

My political compass is a -7.00 for Economic Left/Right and a -7.64 for Social Libertarian/Authoritarian. (They show a nifty graph with my dot basically in the far left bottom corner.) My closest world leader appears to be the Dalai Lama. Not bad!

IPIP-NEO Comprehensive Personality Quiz
Feel like really not getting your work or thesis done? Then take this quiz. Pretty exhaustive, a true time-waster!

My results:
- Introvert/Extrovert: The quiz says I'm a 71% Extrovert, which seems pretty high to me given my love for reading, shopping, and hanging out alone. But I'm not one of those "can't talk to people" introverts, so I guess that's why this is so high. Here's the rest: Friendliness 96, Gregariousness 41, Assertiveness 75, Activity Level 63, Excitement-Seeking 22, Cheerfulness 80.
- Agreeableness: Yikes, 97%! Am I really that agreeable? The quiz says I would make a bad scientist or soldier, so maybe it's right on after all. Within Agreeable is Trust 98, Morality 83, Altruism 89, Cooperation 89, Modesty 50, and Sympathy 88.
- Conscientiousness: This one is interesting and all over the place. I scored a 48 on Conscientiousness overall, which they say is average. But the others are kind of funny. Self-Efficacy (confidence in your ability to get things done) is 97, but the rest are very random: Orderliness 16 (okay, it took me almost a week to unpack), Dutifulness 31, Achievement-Striving 81, Self-Discipline 65, Cautiousness 26.
- Neuroticism: This category has the potential to be the most revealing, but apparently I'm a boring un-neurotic person. Overall neuroticism is 12%, "which indicates that you are exceptionally calm, composed, and unflappable." (Again, this sounds like an overstatement.) Breakdown is Anxiety 14, Anger 27, Depression 12, Self-Consciousness 21, Immoderation (concerning urges and indulgences) 52, and Vulnerability 9.
- Openness to Experience: Overall 74%, "enjoying novelty, variety, and change." Imagination 43, Artistic Interests 61, Emotionality 57, Adventurousness 71, Intellect 67 (apparently I am only batting average when it comes to smarts), Liberalism 86.

So there's gotta be someone in need of diversion as much as me. Let's see those results!