Saturday, June 03, 2006

Ahhhh... Girls' Brunch

Maggie says:
A little more PG-13 and a lot more sober than the night of Raucousness, this morning's brunch with some of my favorite women in town was a celebration of shoes, in-town extracurriculars, and... square dancing? Stay tuned for that one.

As I've previously written, Chantal is great to have around when you need a chocolate fix. She's also great for documenting events with her camera. Hence:

The best discovery during our 2.5-hour brunch? Finally meeting - in person, not in blog-world - the real-life Scribblista!

Oh, and I also found out that I'm not supposed to write about silly things on m-pyre. That's why we have m-pyrical! Oops.

PS: Never, ever go to Slate Street Cafe in a hurry. And, um, don't go if you're dying for your first cup of coffee of the day or you're really thirsty for some water, either. But do go if you have all day to spare, are patient as can be, and are craving a Salmon and Boursin Cheese Frittata.