Thursday, August 14, 2008

Are all liberals Democrats?

marjorie says...

To read Heath's latest piece you'd think all liberals were Democrats. Well, most probably are, but many are that out of necessity.

Posing the two electoral parties that have a stranglehold on politics in the United States as encompassing the entirety of politics gets very old with this particular m.

Does Conservative = Republican?


On the left side of the spectrum, there are more words to choose from: liberal, progressive, radical, leftist. We're into identity so that shouldn't surprise anyone. ;-)

Do any of those words actually = Democrat?


The two sites Heath mentions are better acknowledged as belonging to Democratic Party netroots activists. Its very obvious to anyone who reads them. And, their progressive politics in general pop up there also. The same with Daily Kos, and all those.

But if you look at the landscape, there are an enormous amount of reflective, very analytical, non-party oriented blogs on the left. In New Mexico, these types of politics get less attention from bloggers who report almost exclusively on the horse race of electoral politics, like Heath.

But they exist. Coco comes to mind.

Shall I veer off now into whether "fair and balanced" actually exists? Maybe next time.