Monday, August 25, 2008

who's covering the DNC?

marjorie says...

m-pyre didn't make the trek to Denver for the DNC this week---what can we say? Yes, it's true. We really aren't political animals. When it comes to that kind of politics anyway.

However, some of our buddies in the blogosphere are and I'm counting on them to have some great commentary over the course of the week.

Democracy for New Mexico
is our "state blogger"--this means Barb and Mary Helen get to sit with the New Mexico delegation on the floor of the convention. I suspect they'll have some great photographs.

LP from FBIHOP is there, and I suspect his site will be as entertaining as ever. He got started early, making videos with Dave Maass of Swing State of Mind. SSW is the blog of the Santa Fe Reporter, and I thought Maass' characterization of the DNC was right on. NM's delegates, he says, will be some of the most popular debutantes at the ball. In fact, if the SSM weekend posts tell us anything its that Maass is going to be on fire this week. He gives us a little demonstration this morning of reality versus gossip.

Peter St. Cyr made the trek and should have some interesting audio on his blog, What's the Word.

There's some multiple hat wearing going on in Denver also.

NMI writers Matt Reichbach and David Alire Garcia are also in Denver and the two of them will be posting content on NMI. Alire has a great run-down of the happenings already--oh, and he touches on reality versus gossip also. Apparently, Poli Sci Prof Christine Sierra will be posting reflections for the NMI as well.

Gene Grant is there as well. Gene is co-host with Alire on KNME's NM In Focus on Friday nights...could there be a show in the works?

There are NM paper papers up there also. Steve Terrell is reporting for the SF New Mexican, Jeff Jones and Jim Thompson are there for the Abq Journal.

Did I miss anyone? I'm sure.