Thursday, August 21, 2008

NASCAR in New Mexico?

marjorie says...

I wrote a piece about the Hot Springs Motorplex in Truth or Consequences for the NMI that some of you may find interesting. The story was spurred by an investigative piece published in the St. Petersburg Times, out of Tampa, Florida. That piece exposes almost 20 claims by the developer, Greg Neal, as ”...exaggerated, misleading, disputed, or downright false," including claims he's made about NASCAR and Roush Racing having expressed interest to set up shop in TorC.

You can find claims that NASCAR and Roush Racing have expressed interest in coming to New Mexico, as though it's almost a done deal, literally all over the internet.

Interestingly, I didn't speak to one person in New Mexico who was ready to denounce Neal, despite the Times investigation -- which is eyebrow-raising at the very least considering the impacts that these huge developments will have on the surrounding communities. And I spoke to almost two hands worth of people, at all levels of government. Not to mention, the TorC City Commission approved the annexation, the zoning and the master plan on Monday night, after having seen the investigation by the Times.

There is always the possibility that the reporter got it all wrong. Neal has yet to rebut the St. Petersburg Times piece.

But you guys tell me what you think. Do you think these sorts of exaggerated claims about big development projects should matter?


ALBUQUERQUE -- The proposed Hot Springs Motorplex development in Truth or Consequences has been widely touted as a potential home away from home for both NASCAR and Roush Racing, but according to an investigation by The St. Petersburg Times, that’s all been a bunch of hot air.

The Times report, which ran on Sunday, claims to debunk almost 20 statements made by the developer of the motorplex, Greg Neal, to the Hillsboro Community College in Tampa, Florida as ”...exaggerated, misleading, disputed, or downright false.”

Read the story here.