Thursday, August 14, 2008


Maggie says:
My typical politics-nerd self is surprised at my own lack of interest and/or excitement in the Obama Veepstakes. I just can't get into it. Weird. My gut reactions - aside from a huge disinterested shrug - are:

  • Kaine. Probably the person I'd most like to see in there from this shortlist. I like the cultural balance, I like that he's from Virginia. Good energy. Catholic, Spanish-speaker, son named Woody all bonus points.
  • Biden. Loose cannon. Arrogant. Defense/security bonus points. The elder stateman choice, I guess. But isn't he too acerbic to be considered an elder stateman?
  • Bayh. Blah. Bland. Voted for the war. There's a reason he's always mentioned but never chosen. RepublicanLite. Boringzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz........................
Who are you guys feeling, if anyone?

ps: The blogosphere seems to be guessing Biden lately, for whatever that's worth. The VP night of the convention is a "Security" theme, etc. Earlier this week they were hot for Bayh. Kaine has been kind of dismissed.