Wednesday, August 06, 2008

V.B Price: Blessed are the rich

marjorie says...

V.B. Price elucidates further on the qualities of the rich over at the NMI today.

"One of the strangest ideas in the history of American politics is plaguing us now. It’s a sign of the times that I would even feel compelled to write about it. The idea associates whopping big lies and aggravated selfishness with piety. The problem is that this idea has sanctimoniously run this country for most of the last 30 years. I’ll put it in biblical terms, because it’s sold like a religion: Blessed are the rich, for they keep getting richer. Blessed are the super rich because they can walk all over the law. Blessed is the corporate person, soulless but legally real, for it can steamroll the rest of us."

Read V.B.'s full commentary at the NMI.