Friday, August 22, 2008

Things that make me happy this Friday

Maggie lists:

  • I'm flying to Albuquerque this evening for a weekend of hugging the Ms, gabbing with great friends, eating my weight in green chile, and helping to raise some much-deserved cash for Martin Heinrich.
  • The wry "they got me" notion that unless Obama announces his VP this afternoon (which I wouldn't recommend in order for Too Many Houses To Count to stay in play), I am going to go ahead and sign up for the text message alert. Otherwise, it might come while Trevor's on a plane and I'm out and about Saturday... and what if I missed it by a couple of hours?!
  • Yawning kittens. The scene from the living room last night, where apparently, even the kittens are ready for the Olympics to end so the convention can begin.