Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Back up

marjorie says...

There are some great quotes in todays Journal.

Marty Chavez, regarding the economic crisis and his intention to push mass transit as a solution to $4 gasoline:

“We know we've got tough economic challenges,” he said. “We cannot simply build or pump our way out of this.”

Frankly, given Marty's friends I think this is a pretty eyebrow raising statement. Maybe the pickle we're in is just too hard to escape, across the board. I agree with him, we can't build, build, build, just like we can't drill, drill, drill...our way out of this.

Then, on another note...

The Post Office on why they won't share a report by the Investigator General's Office about a dispute between APS Board member Robert Lucero and the USPS over late campaign mailers:

“Yes, it is a public document, but it is our policy not to give it to you,” Wood told the Journal, adding that a request under the federal Freedom of Information Act — which takes up to 28 business days for even a response — would be the only way to get a copy of the document.

That statement makes me want to take my business (and I do a fair amount) to UPS. They're union too, afterall.