Monday, July 07, 2008

Lists of what's not written

Maggie lists:

Things I'd blog about if not for being too @#$(*)(#&@&R) stressed out about work:

1. Jesse Helms dying, DUH. So. Not. Mourned.

2. My inner sports fan. Baseball and tennis right now, and Olympics on the way, woo-hoo! Tangent: The Sonics being moved to Oklahoma = pathetic.

3. This book I'm almost done with that I've purposely been reading as slowly as possible because I never want it to end.

Things I'd blog about if I had an ultra-personal blog:
1. Career angst. For the person who could've gone a ton of different directions, when do you know it's time to pull the chute and do something radically different?

2. Motivation. Lately it's like I need a fire under my ass to actually get stuff done.

3. The hilarious fake bio my "f-word," as we affectionately call each other, just wrote for a certain project of ours.