Thursday, July 10, 2008

Boy-pal shoutout!

Maggie says:
YAY! My high school buddy Richard, whose writing I've mentioned on m-pyre from time to time, just did a piece for Details that's classic subversive Richard: The Birth Control Extremist. Just your standard young-guys-getting-vasectomies-as-birth-control stuff, combined with some awesome all-women-try-to-trick-guys-into-marrying-them-via-pregnancy quotes. You know, the usual. ;-)

Excitingly, my favorite girl-blog Jezebel just picked up Richard's piece and are taking him (or, at least, the guys he quoted) on: Dudes Frightened of Duplicitous, Kid-Coveting Women are Opting for Vasectomies.

They pretty much call Richard out as not exactly seeing things from the female perspective. Agreed. But that's not really Richard's perspective, or his audience... it was Details, after all.

I adore Jezebel. And I adore Richard. So here's what I'm wondering: since they use his name repeatedly, I think that means via Richard, I'm only one step away from being quoted on Jezebel. Right?

Serious sidenote: Let's ask Richard to write a serious article about the lack of birth control options outside of condoms and vasectomies for men, shall we? And the pressure that puts on men and women in different ways? K?