Monday, July 28, 2008

water rights, the gray wolf, and running from violence

marjorie says...

I have to point out some fabulous in-depth stories over at the Independent. I know its not necessary with m-pyre readers because you all read the NMI religiously. Nonetheless.

Joel Gay has a kick-ass story about water rights last week, highlighting how market forces are causing a huge shift of our water resources to large private entities. The impact on our environment not to mention New Mexico farmers could be pretty profound. The water wars are only going to continue to heat up.

The reintroduction of the gray wolf continues to stir passions, as Gwyneth Doland's story about lawsuits and dead wolves shows--just look at the comment section. Ranchers versus environmentalists. Will it never end?

And then today Benito Aragon tells us that violence in Mexico is creating a new group of people who are seeking asylum here: those who don't think the Mexican government can protect them. But thats not a reason for which the U.S. grants asylum.