Thursday, July 03, 2008

Bias dressed in headline clothing

Maggie says:
Did anyone happen to see the front page of USA Today? A lunch spot near my office has them hanging to read while you wait for your order, and I couldn't help but choke on my iced tea when I spotted the subhead to the top story.

Tell me, what in the world does McCain have to do with the Columbian hostage rescue? Nothing.

So let's review this front page's keywords: Celebrate, America, Grandly, Flag, McCain. Hmmm... Biased, anyone?

The correct way to cover this story would have be a final sentence at the end of the article that read something like this: "Coincidentally, John McCain was in Colombia at the time on a three-day trip through Central and South America." Which is pretty much how NPR covered it, by the way...

But putting him in the headline? An outrage.