Sunday, June 01, 2008

Hello from Omaha

Maggie says:
I'm away at a conference for a few days, and writing hello right now delays my boarding of the shuttle bus that will take me to the next exciting event on my Corporate YAY! agenda. So yes, I'm using you.

A few hours ago, my increasing guilt about not writing on the blog peaked pretty much in sync with the motivational music in the corporate cheerleader video we were treated to. Rather than eliciting any gasps of delight from me, though, the advanced PowerPoint skills on display prompted this brilliant thought: I should live-blog the motivational conference.

There is so much hilarious material here. But alas: my packet clearly states that "laptop, cell phone, or Blackberry use during any conference session is prohibited."


Today I avoided the early afternoon lunch registration and instead roamed around Omaha's Old Market, which has fantastic old brick buildings with authentic facades, just my thing. I took tons of photos and might post a few once I return from tonight's "Icebreaker Reception." Those of you who know me know that I'm a fairly social creature, but here's a good clue that many of the other folks here are not: The "Rubik's Cube Get to Know You" game, which I am inexplicably a part of merely by the fact that I was given a nametag with colored pieces of paper inside it.

Save me.

And: See why I haven't been writing lately? This is the mush of my brain.

Kinda-more-mpyre-last-minute-ps: Did anyone watch the Democratic Party Rules Committee's vote this weekend? I happened upon it live and it was fascinating stuff. When I get to take my cheerleader uniform off, perhaps I'll be able to expound a bit.