Friday, June 13, 2008

Live blogging me

marjorie says...

I joined the NM InFocus show this week, included on Gene's segment wearing my New Mexico Independent hat. It's starting now.

Sigh. Do I really look like that? I think they're right...a person needs to wear make-up on tv.

Ok, to the real question I know you all have: for all you die hard Margaret Montoya fans, YES--she's just as cool in person as she is on tv!

(Jim and Scott, you guys are pretty great too)

And of course, anyone who reads m-pyre knows how way cool Gene is!

(Yes, I have regressed to my way-cool childhood)

It was a lot of fun to be included on Gene and David's show. The show goes a lot faster than it appears when you watch on television. You have to think fast, especially because all these people are so smart.

On another note, things have been a little quiet here. Writing for the Independent is keeping me very busy, because, you know--I have another job also. But its rewarding and I'm learning a lot. Writing about the 2000 Gold issue wasn't easy, so I think I have to tip my hat here to all the reporters we love to criticize from time to time.

I have a couple of commentaries lurking in the background so look for one come Monday. I've been needing to put some words to the feminist debate that's raged in the blogosphere during the primary so am going to do my best to go there. That won't be easy either.