Thursday, June 26, 2008

Oil talk with Trevor... and Alan Greenspan?!

Maggie says:
While some of us were traveling around the area today attending meetings and trying their hardest not to publicly strangle a co-worker while still creating walkable, charming village centers (ahem), others were receiving much more acclaim and commendation for their smarts.

Marjorie's piece for the New Mexico Independent where she interviewed Trevor about oil market speculation?

This week, the Democratic Policy Committee picked it up as a talking point. In an e-mail entitled "IS EXCESSIVE SPECULATION DRIVING UP OIL PRICES? HERE'S WHAT THE EXPERTS SAY," we see this about halfway down, in between quotes from George Soros and Alan Greenspan (ha!):

Trevor Hanger, head trader at Brookline Avenue Partners in Dallas, said this about the price of a barrel of oil: "There are fundamental reasons why oil will stay high. But it's my feeling (culled in large measure from talking to oil traders) that the move from $60 to $130 in the last 12 months is maybe 55% fundamentals and 45% speculation. So retracing the speculation move would bring oil back down around $100 give or take." -May 27, 2008 New Mexico Independent
Nicely done, guys!