Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Obama & Women

marjorie says...

Heather Wilson continues to wave some imaginary feminist flag, this time taking Barack Obama to task for comments he made to the Black Congressional Caucus, in response to a request that he reach out to disappointed Clinton supporters:

“If women take a moment to realize that on every issue important to women, John McCain is not in their corner, that would help them get over it,” Obama said, according to ABC.

Heath Hausseman reported for the NMI that Wilson took offense to that, saying it was “patronizing and elitist, and that’s exactly the kind of attitude that causes women to support John McCain.”

Wilson is a lot like Hillary Clinton: very smart and very ambitious, with lot's of good traits (despite what Maggie thinks!). But she's not generally been a standard bearer for feminism. Her comments amount to blatant politicking that comes across as anything but genuine.

One has to wonder why she's so offended by a phrase thats pretty common--among everybody--but doesn't speak out when Michelle Obama is characterized in the media as an "angry black woman" or as Barack's "baby mama."

If Wilson wants to move in the direction of taking up the fight against sexism, she can jump right into the fray and defend Michelle Obama against the sexist onslaught in the media that has only beginning to happen. This time it'll be mixed with a heap of racism also.

We'll see if she does.

Moving on, I'm also getting a little tired of the notion that Democrat women won't vote for Obama because he won the primary. They will vote for him, overwhelmingly. To suggest otherwise, to me, suggests that women as a group don't make rational choices in their own best interests. To support Clinton out of gender solidarity is a fine thing, given the two fine choices in the end, but it doesn't follow that McCain is better on women's issues than the winner of that contest--Barack Obama. And women know it.