Thursday, June 12, 2008

O'Reilly, War and the definition of a Lunatic

marjorie says...

Just in case you missed this, it's really great.

Bill O'Reilly: "The key question is, are these just loons to be ignored, and you know, obviously they're unstable people. There's no doubt about it. ...They're fascists. ...But what do you think about Moyers, and Rather...showing up at this??" (thx michelle!)

O'Reilly is a complete nut. He embodies the reason for a media reform movement if you ask me. Thanks to Jo Ann for pointing me to that clip.

If you're a Bill Moyers fan, here's a longer clip from that dressing down he gave O'Reilly's guy.

Moyers asks a very good question: When is Bill O'Reilly going to acknowledge that he was not only wrong about the Iraq invasion, he was it's champion...heaping vitriol on its opponents.

And Moyers is right that O'Reilly doesn't have the courage to go on his which O'Reilly, who he calls a blowhard, has a standing invitation.

O'Reilly calling other people a bunch of lunatics is funny.