Monday, January 14, 2008

The big Jane Austen recap

I'm pulling this from comments and starting it here because it's too good.

Marjorie said:

So did you guys manage to also fit in Masterpiece Theater's presentation of Jane Austen's Persuasion last night? We were surprised at how well they condensed the book into 90 minutes. But still, I much prefer the 1995 BBC version.

Maggie said:
You remain my Jane Austen liaison, Marjorie. She and I don't like each other without you there to facilitate.

Mikaela said:
I'm a Jane Austen convert because of Marjorie.

And I kinda admit that watching the movies, even the bad ones, has helped me like the books .

I feel like a high school English cheater!

Maggie, you've got to go to the PBS Masterpiece Theater webpage for its complete Austen works, where you can choose among the "Austen men" after seeing their stats -- income, turn ons, turn offs, etc. Hilarious!

Even better, the guys who are currently the most popular are all the Austen loser guys! It's fantastic.

And now I say:
Okay, The Men of Austen is SO much fun. You are so right, Mikaela! I feel I'm at a major disadvantage without knowing who any of these men are in the books, though. I'll probably pick someone outlandishly embarrassing. Yikes.

Hottest: The dark and handsome brooder Frederick Tilney, but he sounds completely obnoxious. So I would probably go for him.

Problems: The ones I like are too young or devout. Edward Ferrars, Henry Tilney, and Edmund Bertram's affiliations with the clergy indicate that we would be a disastrous match. Same with Frederick Wentworth's military career.

Pluses: The excellent humor of Tom Bertram, who states his income as "a bit unsettled at present" and finds weddings a "turn-off"

Matty!: John Thorpe looks just like Matt Damon! This is exciting because I have a crush on Matt Damon, who is currently titillating, I mean educating, me in the car reading Howard Zinn on CD. But, you know, I'm listening for Howard Zinn's words, not Matt Damon's voice... Promise. ;-)

Best overall: John Willoughby, maybe? Who is this guy?! He's my fave overall. Or do I just go with John Thorpe so I can pretend it's Matt?

Best item to carry forward: The use of "Byronic" as an adjective, per the self-description of the hot Frederick Tilney