Monday, January 07, 2008

Isabel Allende and the "warrior heart"

Maggie says:
This video beautifully illustrates some of the many reasons I adore Isabel Allende. She exudes more charm, passion, and compassion in a flash of her eyes than most of us can embody in a lifetime. Allende is the fullest woman I can think of: she runs the gamut from mournful mother to wild cook, from strident activist to joyful sage. And then there are her words: Paula remains for me a touchstone of beauty and emotion, and is the standard-bearer for tributes that matter.

At this conference talk, Allende starts with Sophia Loren's beauty tips and gracefully segues into the plight of international refugees, 80% of whom are women and girls. In proclaiming the "warrior hearts" of women living in poverty and at the bottom rung of familial and societal power structures, Allende reveals to us (again) her warrior heart, too.

Isabel Allende: Tales of Passion

Via Salon's Broadsheet.