Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Hillary Support

marjorie says...

Reading the New Mexico analysis leading up to February 5th, I'm struck by comments that Hillary Clinton has a base of support here. Why would she have a base of support in New Mexico? I forget the 90s sometimes actually, when I'm thinking about Hillary. Or I think of the 90s in terms of how Hillary's politics have seemed to shift to the right. The analysts say that Hillary has strong support among Hispanics, but that Anglo liberals will go for Obama. Well, that tells you a lot...Anglo liberals may be voting based on race, or they may actually be voting based on politics, and Hillary isn't really considered much of a liberal these days. But back to that bit about her having a base of support. We all like to talk about how many people in this country can't stand Hillary. But for me, those people are the freaking right-wing that attacked her relentlessly from 1992 onward. And yeah, I was always on her side, through all of that. Thinking about it now, I can still get angry.