Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Time to re-align

Maggie laments:
Now that John Edwards is officially leaving the race, it's time to re-align my political stars. Since my top candidate is now gone, is this the push I've been needing to get excited about Obama? Maybe. I need to learn more, and honestly I wish Obama would give us more to work with. So in the meantime, I'll focus on the huge symbolism of an Obama presidency, on the Democratic establishment losing in the face of a candidate who represents hope, change, and youth, and mostly on a general election that we should not and cannot lose, no matter their candidate.

Super Tuesday in less than a week. Pins and needles for the next six days...

And to John Edwards: Thanks for a wonderful run. Your focus on issues, your capacity to understand the fallout of irresponsible trade deals, your willingness to make the tough choices and outrage the establishment, and your ability to see the thread that links various elements of poverty and injustice, are your legacy here. I hope your next step is an exciting one, one that carries forward these elements of your campaign, because they're the stuff real progress is made of.