Saturday, January 12, 2008

MMM...good movies!

Maggie says:
We caught "There Will Be Blood" last night in a sold-out theater for the movie's second weekend here. So much buzz among the crowd on the way in and out. But during? Silence. The movie was so spellbinding it managed to shut up even the giggly threesome in front of us and the obnoxious group behind us. Now that's saying something.

I'm hesitant to write too much here because I don't want to spoil anything, but this movie really is a magnificent piece of filmmaking. Daniel Day Lewis is phenomenal; Paul Thomas Anderson comes off like a genius; the score is the creepiest "music" I've ever heard; the ending made me break out in a huge grin.

I really loved it.

So is it "Blood" or "No Country for Old Men" for Best Picture? We've been having that debate ever since.

It doesn't get any better than movie season.


Gene's right. "Once" is a perfect film.

It's so, so beautiful. You've gotta see it.

All the amazing movies this year have me so excited about upcoming awards. Even though the Golden Globes will be a sedate affair this year, I'm looking forward to them, and just started working on my Fantasy Oscar Picks for the year. I still need to see a couple, but the list is shaping up nicely - a lot of what I've written about here, plus some movies I have to throw in even though Oscar wouldn't touch them with a stick.

Stay tuned, and go to the movies!