Thursday, January 17, 2008

Lobby Days at the Roundhouse

marjorie says...

I'm having one of those weeks...the kind in which I have so much to say that I can't say any of it. So, while I'm collecting my thoughts over here, let me point you all to Barb's commentary over at DFNM that was spurred by this one. Right On Barb!

A Letter From The People: Touring the Realm of the Dispossessed

Since we have a certain blogger with long-time ties to the Roundhouse wall leaners and power brokers waxing poetic today about well connected insiders, hordes of lobbyists with deep pockets and martini-fueled dealings in dark bars in Santa Fe, I thought I'd take a similar tack from The People's point of view.

You know, us -- the little people out here in the wilderness who are supposed to wait silently and submissively for the word to come down from on high on what will and will not be done in our name by the powerhouses of La Politica. We're the ones who won't get real reform related to health care, ethics or campaign finance because our "leaders" in the Legislature -- and especially in the "independent" Senate -- have come to depend on the ready money and perks from people who want to preserve the status quo and the profits for themselves. The public and the common good be damned.

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Ps: Who would like to be a citizen lobbyist for a day this year?