Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Happy Birthday, Erik!

We wish our pal Erik from Alterdestiny a very happy birthday today. Erik, by the way, just wrote himself the best birthday post ever:

Exactly 365 days ago, I proclaimed this to be the Christ Year. I turned 33. I fully expected someone to crucify. In fact, I challenged people to do it. I hoped to establish myself as a spiritual leader in much the same way as Jesus Christ. I was sure that someone would betray me to the authorities for approximately 30 pieces of silver, or whatever that translates to in U.S. dollars. However, the decline of the dollar made such an activity not worth the time of my friends or my vast numbers of enemies.

Today, I turn 34. I survived the Christ Year. Does this mean I am not a world spiritual leader? No.

We love the White Buddha here at m-pyre. And to you, Erik, we offer a birthday cake, appropriately red, white, and blue, for the patriot that you are. (I hope it doesn't hurt your chances to be named one of America's most dangerous college professors.)

Much love!