Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Creative Class Activists aka The Net Roots shift to Obama

marjorie says...

Wait, aren't we "the progressives"? I thought that was our moniker these days. But apparently, we're "the creative class activists." Matt Stoller clarifies further in his piece when he then refers to us as the "netroots," maybe a better way to distinguish online left-of-center activists from the murkier "progressive" word, which seems to be claimed by a quite large group of people (I'm thinking I might just go back permanently to "radical" myself). I love this for the blatant attempt at branding that it is. If we're the "creative class activists," does this mean that there are no Republican or more conservative members of the "creative class"? And what is so wrong with the word "liberal" anyway?

On to more substance, in his blog Stoller is actually pointing to a fascinating straw poll on Daily Kos. Maggie, I couldn't help but think of you when I saw it.

Here is todays straw poll, in light of Edwards dropping out.

And here is the straw poll from last week, when Edwards was still in.

Just look at those results. Wow!

Clearly there is a divide happening in a major way among Democrats, because Hillary is very much in the game. Establishment Dems, and perhaps an older set of Dems in general, are going with Hillary. Young, activist Dems who are so prevalent in the blogosphere are going with Obama. There is a lot to think about here, without a doubt.

ps. Just in case you all were wondering, I voted for Hillary in both straw polls, mainly to be ornery. I often do that in straw polls, sorry. But also, in truth, I wanted to see how that felt. Plus, you know, maybe I'm just not completely "creative class" yet to see the clear light of day.