Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Allergy attack check-in

Maggie says:
Allergies going crazy lately, and coffee not really kicking in today, so I'm resorting to bullets and fragments:

  • Mugabe out?: Mind-blowing. Really monumental.
  • Alphonso Jackson resigning "for family reasons": About damn time. While I have low expectations for the lame duck who'll be put in through January, I look forward to a Democratic administration that actually acknowledges and values the mission of the Department of Housing and Urban Development. Jackson's actions were atrocious.
  • John Adams miniseries: Good enough that we finally broke down and ordered HBO. Paul Giamatti is my favorite actor to play an asshole, so he's perfect for Adams. I mean this in more than a snarky way - I grew up in a rather Jefferson-worshipping household, and McCullough's biography was good enough for me to find the humanity in the man behind the Alien and Sedition Acts. The miniseries finds it too, helped along by really brilliant casting. (I'll watch Giamatii and Laura Linney do anything.)
  • NC sibs heading to Dallas: So overdue! I think not having my family visit was a way to not really acknowledge that I live here. But next week my brother, sister, and their mates arrive to celebrate my birthday. In between gluttonous sushi dinners and a whole of lot of drinks, I guess it's also my reality check. ;-)
  • Dallas blogs that make me happy: They're out there. The Eleventy Billionth Blog (because Bethany cracks me up), So Dallas (because I adore the way "Jackie O" takes this town on), and Random Rantings (because Slynnro's fun posts are balance to all the politics and seriousness in my brain)
  • Oh, and Marty for Life?: Ha! Thanks FBIHOP, 'Burque Babble, and SWOPblogger! (By the way, I'm going to credit Scot for giving Marty the idea thanks to his brilliant and ongoing use of the term "Feudal Prince Marty.")