Tuesday, April 29, 2008

And then there's the love of office supplies...

Mikaela confesses:
Not only are the m-pyre girls nerdy about grammar, some of us also drool voluminously over office supplies: the grown-up school supply rush. Remember the feeling opening a new box of crayons?

Well, magnify that by two, baby, and get a load of my new cubicle corner space-saver... from my new favorite internet porn -- oops, I mean office supply -- site.

My cubicle is my domain. And man, am I ensconced within an inch of my beige fabric walls!

Because I'm a virgo and buying all of this with my own pinched pennies, I'm keeping meticulous track of comparison prices, of course! Get a load of my little Excel spreadsheet...

Bring it, Dilbert! Eat your little heart out! (Sorry for the grainy phone camera shots...)

When I said cubicle? Yeah, not kidding.

Check out the too-cool-for-school lava lamp (White Elephant gift from my last place of employment), considered a real favorite by my neighbor and a total safety hazard by our HR person, and the magnetic white board markers stuck to my top hanging file drawer, just behind my chair. With erasers built into the cap! Oh, yeah, daddy...