Monday, April 21, 2008

Our poet Mikaela

Maggie says:
Our latest offering from the m-pyre Public Relations Department is more Mikaela goodness. Check out Mirage, the UNM Alumni magazine, for a great article on New Mexico poets, including Mikaela. The roundtable discussion is facilitated by V.B. Price and features Mikaela, Karen McKinnon, and Levi Romero. In a really interesting discussion, the poets discuss why New Mexico is such a natural place for word-lovers, the differences between the spoken word and the written word, and the personal process of each poet. Mikaela, as usual, stands out for her eloquence, insight, and passion. We're so proud!

Mirage: Poetic Expression

"The magic is that [poetry] forces each poet to synthesize, not describe everything. What is the essence, the one image that’s going to communicate your perspective? When we share those multiple perspectives, it’s a powerful experience. A lot of people
write books for the same reason, but you can’t read a whole book. You can read one poem anytime and get a complete thought, a complete moment from somebody else."