Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Obama should've worn the tight T

Maggie laughs:
This headline exemplifies why the Jezebels are my friends. Last night during Obama's speech, Trevor and I commented on the guys behind him right away. I believe Trevor asked who the "A & F triplet douchebags" were. :-)


The best line from this piece? "Right, Barack has spent no time with people from different demographic swathes than his own narrow biracial Hawaiian Indonesian-reared Harvard Chicago Marxist one."

Not a good night for Obama. He looked off and exhausted, while Clinton looked fantastic and gave one of her best speeches yet (calm voice! no yelling! inclusive and not angry!). Absurdly, I watched MSNBC commentary and the Clinton speech on the elliptical in our gym while our building manager, an immigrant medical student and new fan of all things political thanks to this election, hung out and traded analysis. Through my sweating and attempts to maintain conversation without breaking into haggard gasps, I deduced that he thinks the U.S. needs a woman in charge, he'd love a Clinton-Obama "Dream Team," and that everyone should be paying attention to the Republican VP selection since McCain is likely to die in office if he's elected. (!)

On to Indiana (cue Mellencamp) and my beloved Tarheel State, where I hope our favorite NC commenters will keep us updated with all things political there... and maybe some barbecue updates from time to time, too. Ooh, how about a photo of Obama eating eastern NC barbecue? Can someone make that happen for me? And maybe send some eastern NC barbecue in the mail? Thanks.