Thursday, April 24, 2008

Wearing your bleeding heart on your sleeve -- or your t-shirt

Mikaela says:
Sometimes I'm filled to overflowing with appreciation for my friends. Like reading comments on m-pyre ... sometimes you just think to yourself, man, I'm so glad I'm part of this crew!

Today, my friend who shall remain nameless sent me picture he saw a white guy wearing at Trader Joes. You'll see how perfect that is here in a second. My friend says:

My first reaction was "that is oddly funny" and secondly, "I can't believe that (white) guy has the balls to wear it in public". Somehow I think there are so many things wrong with the shirt from a politically correct standpoint but other than calling hillary a 'ho' I couldn't think of how it is wrong in the larger sense. So I figured I would email it to you to get your reaction/analysis.

I'm returning the favor here on m-pyre. Dying of suspense?

Okay, here's the shirt:

Here's my response:

Yep, that does make you pause.

I guess I don't like the outright gender slam, but it's catchy, alright.

I'm not as bothered by calling Hillary a ho as calling all women hoes, and she's just the figurative head, as though all men can be in the club, but forget it if you're a woman.

I'd rather his t-shirt read, "Not Brown: Still Down" with just a pic of Obama. That would be better.

Having solved that little puzzle, I feel better, too.

Hope you all will share your reactions, and t-shirt improvement suggestions, too!