Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Big Bucks versus the Grassroots

Marjorie says...

Many m-pyre readers probably aren't paying attention to New Mexico's Second Congressional District, or CD2. But most of you do know that New Mexico is electing an entirely new slate to the House of Representatives this year, since each and every one of our current three congresspeople decided to run for Domenici's Senate seat.

Money is a big factor this year. Not only do we have a super rich liberal in CD1 trying to buy himself a seat in the House, we have five of the seven candidates in CD2 making huge loans to their own campaigns. Read Heath's analysis of the money in CD2 here.

And then check out Barb's write up here, describing Bill McCamley's response to the mega-bucks being thrown around by his competitors in CD2.

McCamley loaned his own campaign $47.50 in a ceremony today, which he said would "...almost pay for our campaign’s next tank of gas as we take our message of fixing Washington for the middle class across the Second District."

Like a number of races this year, both big and small, this race has me on pins and needles: can the grassroots push back at the big bucks?

(and maybe a better question...are you part of the pushback?)