Thursday, April 10, 2008

Your-Thursday-is-my-Friday Frivolity

Maggie says:
There is no way that I can be a deep thinker right now, but thanks to Marjorie and Mikaela, everyone can skip right over this post to some really yummy, brainy writing instead. Why can't I be serious, you ask? Well, the impending Adams sibling takeover of Dallas, of course!!!

American Airlines tried and failed to thwart our birthday celebration plans. We conquered. So here's a little of what you can expect from our crew the next four days:

  • Mavs game mischief (throwing pretzels at Jessica and Tony, perhaps?)
  • A little Southfork action for a certain "Dallas"-obsessed brother-in-law
  • An extravagant sushi birthday dinner, followed by drinks at the best people-watching spot in town
  • Encouraging my sister's loves for gambling and horses, all in one place
  • Shopping for the girls
  • Beers on the patio for the boys
  • Taking the crew to my favorite brunch spot with perfect, spicy Bloody Marys
  • More dinners. More drinks. A whole lot of laughing.
  • Celebrating the fact that my brother will actually be crossing the North Carolina border for a weekend (this is huge! In my five years in New Mexico he never visited.), and that his baby momma is actually leaving the Eastern Time Zone! (Yes, we really need to get them out of state more, if only because Grandma Babysitter would be thrilled.)
  • Having four extra people on hand to try and get Couch #2 up our stairs into the living room
And I mean, really... who wouldn't want to cheer on their 30th birthday in these?