Thursday, May 01, 2008

Continuing m-pyre lite: Tales from the Kitchen

Maggie says:
You know those moments when you feel yourself being propelled into behavior you know is irrational and should be avoided, but you just can't help yourself? My version is the Superwoman Complex. It gets me every time.

So in the future, remind me not to try to casually whip up a 100% made-from-scratch lasagna after work again, at least not if I actually have to stay at work until 5, the groceries aren't waiting at home for me, I haven't done any prep work, and I have to sneak in a workout and another errand before I can sleep.

Because while it was great fun pouring over lasagna recipes yesterday and creating my own, it probably should have been a Saturday activity. And while the three made-from-scratch sauces that I put into the lasagna - a bechamel, a Bolognese, and a classic tomato - were each delicious on their own and pretty wonderful when layered into one bite, it probably would have better to eat dinner before 10 p.m. And while my companion does enjoy watching me cook, he would probably enjoy it more if I wasn't getting increasingly antsy about the time and increasingly pissed about the composition of the lasagna when it was served.

That inner voice that demands of me domestic goddess, effective professional, passionate activist, and introspective writer all at once really needs to shut the hell up sometimes. Or I need to shut her up.

Just sayin'...

Shouldn't I be able to cut the first slice as perfectly as this one in the picture? And if the slices are never pretty, even though they taste delicious, should that really turn me into Bad Mood Maggie? Cue sympathy for Trevor.... NOW.