Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The revolving door keeps spinning

marjorie says...

The Journal reported this morning that Governor Richardson's former Chief of Staff and presidential bid campaign manager Dave Contarino has been hired by ValueOptions to "provide strategy and guidance in the state." ValueOptions also (to our utter shock) will be bidding this year on a four-year state contract worth more than $300 million a year, to be decided in December. From the Journal article:

Company spokesman Steven Anderson said Dave Contarino has been contracted to "provide strategy and guidance in the state."

Asked whether Contarino was hired in anticipation of the competitive process for a new contract," Anderson said, "We do intend to bid on the upcoming RFP. We just hope to tap into his knowledge and experience."

ValueOptions has been a major political supporter of Richardson's since winning a multiyear contract in 2005 to assume behavioral health management duties that had previously been performed by more than a dozen state agencies.

The company and people affiliated with it were major contributors to Richardson's re-election campaign and presidential bid.

Contarino said Monday that he would be a consultant for ValueOptions of New Mexico, not a lobbyist.

"At this point, I just want to be able to help them in the near term," he said.

Near term...as in through December 2008? That spinning door sure gave us a doozerie this time.