Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Incumbency = Good? Bill Richardson seems to think so

marjorie says...

Is it just me or is it a little unseemly when Bill Richardson gives out a round of large contributions to incumbent state senators? Here's the list of the Democrats who were given money by the Guv--almost all to incumbents. Is there a non-incumbent on the list, other than Stephen Fischmann?

Yes, I've heard the arguments that he's shoring up support for his special session, and that the outcomes don't really matter to him because he hopes to not be in New Mexico come January.

But this seems to suggest that the nature of incumbency itself, even for those who've only served one term, makes someone worthy of support. That candidates once in should stay in. That those with little name recognition who run for political office aren't worthy of the Guv's support (or anyone's?) by the simple fact that...well...they aren't incumbents.


On another, but related, note, I was visited by the DNC yesterday. Yes, the Democratic National Committee paid me a random house visit. Wow.

Like most people who stop by to ask for funds, it was hard to make them understand the meaning of "no, but good luck." I had to tell them at least four times that I wasn't giving to them or to Obama, preferring to keep my funds and my energy here in New Mexico. They didn't seem to get what I meant by "grassroots"...wanting me to consider their work "grassroots."