Monday, May 19, 2008

Navigating the human world...trying anyway

marjorie says...

Did you see the news about the poor bear that died after being chased up a telephone pole by Chihauhau's? The pit bulls were cowering. According to the Cibola County Beacon:

"All the dogs were going crazy," Candelaria told the Beacon. "It was funny because the pit bulls hid in their dog houses while the Chihuahuas scared the 250-pound bear up a power pole."

I feel really guilty, actually, that this made me laugh (I have a small dog and know very well that he doesn't realize how small he is). Especially when I saw the picture in the Beacon newspaper:

My amusement faded pretty quick after I saw this. In fact, it made me want to cry. Poor wild animals trying to live in a world increasingly over run by humans.