Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mayor Marty doesn't respond to "blog posts"

marjorie says...

Thanks to Barb Armijo for this, in one of her two stories today about Mark Schiff...one of which highlights the Welsome expose on the Clearly New Mexico site, about his cozy relationship with Marty Chavez:

Albuquerque Mayor Martin Chavez has not commented on Welsome's story, saying through a spokeswoman that he wasn't going to start responding to "blog posts."



Then what was this episode about? Oh yeah, and what was this? Or, wait, maybe Marty considers Heath a "real journalist." hmm. But in that case, isn't Pulitzer Prize winning Welsome one also? Sigh.

Well, thanks to Matt Brix for giving it to us straight:

Matt Brix, policy director for the Center for Civic Policy disagrees with Chavez's assessment of Welsome's story.

"Increasingly, the public gets its news and information from online sources," Brix said. "Ms. Welsome is a respected journalist and Pulitzer Prize winner. She was given complete editorial independence in determining the course of this story. The facts in this story speak for themselves."