Friday, May 02, 2008

Texas Blogger Tour

Maggie says:
How lucky am I - my two favorite Texas-related bloggers packed into one weekend?!

This afternoon I'm meeting Marjorie in Houston for 18 hours of catching up and being each other's dates for a family wedding. Lucky me! Then tomorrow, I jet off to Austin to rendezvous with a certain Dallas boy, where a few hours later we'll meet up with Erik, everyone's favorite hipster, to hang out and see a show.

In bonus blogging excitement, our Sunday brunch plans include Anthony S, the newest blogger over at Alterdestiny and a frequent commenter here on m-pyre. Check Alterdestiny out right now for a perfect example of why I love their blog, by the way. The stories on the front page are as varied and interesting and smart and nerd-funny as it gets. And in future Alterdestiny excitement, the guys have finally smartened up and added a woman to their ranks. She hasn't started blogging yet, but once she does I expect Sarah J to kick some male Alterdestiny ass. Love it!

What else is happening this weekend?