Tuesday, September 09, 2008

ABQ's form based code

marjorie says...

Here's my explanatory bit on the form based codes being considered by the EPC at the moment:

Green Growth Gambit

Depending on whom you talk to, five new zoning codes currently being considered by Albuquerque’s Environmental Planning Commission are either a positive step forward, toward less sprawl and more transit-oriented development, or they’re potentially a Trojan horse that will allow developers to more easily deviate from existing neighborhood sector plans.

The new codes are called “form-based,” which is a wonky way to describe a new way of regulating how the city develops.

Instead of focusing on how land can be used, as traditional zoning does, form-based zones regulate the form and type of a building, and how it relates to the street and the surrounding neighborhood in general.

The idea is that the encouragement of a certain type of built environment will create mixed-use, pedestrian friendly and transit oriented development, which Albuquerque’s long-range plans call for.

it's long...you can read the rest on NMI