Thursday, September 18, 2008

an East Texas (working) sister tells it the way it is...

marjorie says...

From the East Texas inbox today:

So I saw Obama was out your way today, McCain got yelled at during a town hall meeting by an anti-war group. That was funny.

And I HEAR that "Community organizers" don't have any REAL responsibilities so I was wondering if I can come work for you because I just despise responsibility. lol. If I have to hear Sara Palin's nasally voice one more time I'm gonna vomit.

...AND I DON'T like the fact that a poor girl like me who doesn't have enough money to invest any money, has to basically BAIL OUT (federal takeover/loan for big corporations = poor and middle class putting more money in the man's pocket) these rich folks (who do have enough money to invest some money) so they don't lose all their money. Now how is that fair?

Not very fair if you ask me, sister.