Thursday, September 04, 2008

jay smooth mocking the mocker

marjorie says...

I love Jay Smooth. I hope you guys check his stuff out. Here's his bit on last night's mock-fest at the RNC.

I'm much less entertaining and witty than Jay Smooth, but I had more to say about last night's mockery of community organizing, which you can read below. You know, Rudy G. was off the charts on the topic, but I've reserved my comments for her...since I'm asked to consider her presidential material.

How did white women win the vote, Mrs. Palin?

Sarah Palin may have shown last night that she was chosen as Vice Presidential running mate to John McCain primarily for her penchant for mockery. Because next to personal descriptions of herself and her family, that's what she did in her address to the Republican National Convention, with a light dose of policy here and there.

I could write off most of it as just a bunch of politicking without much substance, and get a kick out of her obvious ability to deliver a line. But then she got to her mockery of community organizing, and I all of a sudden realized I actually was finding out something about Sarah Palin.

Community organizing, at its most basic level, is about bringing ordinary people together so that they can have more power to make their voices heard. Heard by decision makers, that is.

Palin, through her disparagement, is telling us that she's been the kind of elected official who ignores or even opposes the work of grassroots community groups. Because I simply refuse to believe there are no community organizers in Alaska.

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