Monday, September 08, 2008

Bye Bye, Monday

Maggie says:
In lieu of a real post, because I've been on mental vacation today:

  • Watched the premiere of The Rachel Maddow Show tonight... whoopee! My girl makes me grin, played spooky clips of Sarah Palin speaking to her church in June, AND calls Pat Buchanan "Uncle Pat." Love!
  • Here in Dallas, the "10 Most Beautiful Women" contest is sponsored by a plastic surgeon. Only in Dallas. Or maybe LA. Vegas?
  • Speaking of baseball, spent yesterday watching the Sox spank the Rangers, which featured a monster homerun from Papi (otherwise known as Mr. Best Smile Ever). And a four-year-old briefed me on Mike Lowell's injury status, which might tell you something about the stellar parenting that young boy enjoys. ;-)
  • Can't wait for the poll bounce to go back down... couldn't stomach any of the poll results this weekend at all.
  • Still beaming about Marjorie's foray into fashion writing
  • We're spending the weekend in Charleston. Any tips?