Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Wasn't this a 'West Wing' episode?

Maggie says:
Hang on a minute here... let's review. We have a new article from the Times detailing the increasingly apparent lack of vetting that Sarah Palin received. We have little 'what if' speculations cropping up that sigh over other names, which I expect will only increase, featuring a variety of would-be candidates. We have a revved-up Right that's excited to talk about abortion and religion again, and just remembered that there's an election in two months. Mission accomplished?

Here's what I mean: As Sarah Palin risks becoming the next Harriet Miers, there's still time for the campaign to nominate someone else in her place. Imagine McCain picking one of his safe/boring choices (Pawlenty or Romney, for example), while still reaping benefits from all the press/attention/gossip pointed toward the campaign that he never would have received otherwise. And his base? Completely rallied in a way neither a Pawlenty nor Romney choice would have accomplished on its own. Depending on just how ugly/weird the revelations about Palin get, could we actually see McCain push forward a different name before Wednesday's night's VP acceptance speech? And if he waits, the RNC has a provision in place - Rule 9 (scroll down) - to actually hold another convention and re-vote, if I'm reading that correctly. I suppose a re-do would allow them to schedule a non-hurricane event. Not to mention have two conventions.

This sounds like an Aaron Sorkin plotline, I know, but I have to ask, what are the odds that:

A) McCain figured Palin was worth a shot for headlines, excitement, and history, even though he knew all along the lack of real vetting might present a problem and necessitate a second choice, or

B) He never thought she'd make it through anyway and thought the benefits of the choice would outweigh the negation of that choice, which is rather brilliant and evil

Conspiracy theories are fun.